ARO Air Valves

Whether it’s high flow or compact design, count on ARO Pneumatic Valves for your application. Models in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way functions with a variety of actuators and returns.

Aro Alpha Body Ported: 4-way solenoid and pilot valves that are versatile in design, that offer superb performance and are available with numerous control options. Flows of 27-61 SCFM. Popular Models: A212SS-024-D, A212SD-024-D, A212SS-120-A, A212SD-120-A, A212SS-000-N, A212SD-000-N, A213SS-024-D, A213SD-024-D.

Aro Alpha (Thin) Manifold are complete one piece manifold means no assembly or end plates needed. Designed to reduce OEM installation cost, ease maintenance and clean plumbing. Flows of 25-39 SCFM. Popular models: A249SS-024-D, A249SD-024-D

Aro Alpha Stacking: Elimination of the manifold make this valve the lowest cost method of ganging valves. Flip out design allows valves to be replaced without disassembling the stack. Flows of 39-63 SCFM. Popular Models: A242SS-024-D

Aro Alpha Sub-base: Replace valves easily! Simply remove three screws, lift off valve and replace. Port sizes of 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ available. Flows of 43-57 SCFM. Popular models: A239SS-024-D, A239SD-024-D, A239SS-120-A, A239SD-120-A

Aro K Series: Heavy duty air valve 3/8” , ½”, ¾” & 1” Ports. Larger Flows of 83 to 280 SCFM. Seven actuator styles from foot operated, lever, pilot & solenoid controlled. Popular models: K214LS, K214LM, K214SS-024-D, K214SD-024-D, K216LS, K216LM.

Aro 200-Series valves can be plumbed to perform as normally passing, normally non-passing, selector or any 2-way function. Ideal for sensing the position of moving devices such as cylinders, slides, or gates. Numerous Actuator Styles that are mechanical or manual. Popular Models: 202-C, 203-C, 214-C,223-C,224-C.

Aro In-Line, Composite Flow Controls, Check