ARO Silverair Series Cylinder

Small & Medium Bore Sizes Available between 1/2 -thru 2-1/2 inch

Single acting spring extend, single acting spring retract & double acting construction available

Aro Series Silverair round cylinders are suitable for applications where a disposable, light duty low cost cylinder is preferred.

  • Silverair cylinders feature stainless steel (Series 304) barrels. Drawn and polished internal diameters have superior lube-holding characteristics for a low friction surface that gives smooth performance and outstanding life cycle.
  • Piston rods are centerless ground and polished Series 303 stainless steel, providing smooth rod movement.
  • Lightweight aluminum heads feature full flow ports for maximum air flow and smooth response.
  • Piston rod threads are roll formed to provide superior strength and durability.
  • U-cup design on piston seals provides continuous cylinder barrel contact, minimizes blow-by and offers longer seal life than O-ring piston seals.
  • The oil-permeated bronze rod bushing is precision ball sized for reduced friction and increased cylinder life.
  • Return springs on single-acting cylinders are made from a high tensile alloy for exceptional performance and long service life.
  • Silverair cylinders are prelubricated, so they are ideal in applications where external lubrication can not be supplied.



  • Double Acting
  • Single Acting, Spring Return
  • Single Acting, Spring Extend
  • Single Acting, Hex Rod (non-rotating)
  • Air Volume Chambers available in 3/4″, 1-1/16″, 1-1/2″ & 2″ Bore


  • Block
  • Pivot (Universal)
  • Nose
  • Double Rod End

Popular Model Codes: SD07-N4B4-010, SD07-P4B4-010, SD07-NMB4-010, SD07-N4B4-020, SD07-P4B4-020, SD07-NMB4-020, SD07-PMB4-020,

SD11-N4B4-010, SD11-P4B4-010, SD11-NMB4-010, SD11-N4B4-020, SD11-P4B4-020, SD11-NMB4-020, SD11-PMB4-020,

SD15-N4B4-010, SD15-P4B4-010, SD15-NMB4-010, SD15-N4B4-020, SD15-P4B4-020, SD15-NMB4-020, SD15-PMB4-020,

SD20-N4B4-010, SD20-P4B4-010, SD20-NMB4-010, SD20-N4B4-020, SD20-P4B4-020, SD20-NMB4-020, SD20-PMB4-020

SS07-N4B4-010, SS07-P4B4-010, SS07-NMB4-010, SS07-N4B4-020, SS07-P4B4-020, SS07-NMB4-020, SS07-PMB4-020.