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Ortman Cylinders

Posted by Chandra Ganegoda on September 23, 2015  /   no comment

For 65 years, Ortman Fluid Power has manufactured a variety of hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, valve actuators, air-oil intensifying boosters, and oil tanks to meet your linear actuation and pressure boosting needs. We use state of the art CNC machinery to manufacture each cylinder, valve actuator, booster, and tank component in Quincy, Illinois. This manufacturing […]

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Hanna Mill Type Air Cylinder

Posted by Arache on September 23, 2015  /   no comment

“Hanna Cylinders is an innovative and progressive manufacturing company, comprised of a team of skilled professionals, whose mission is to produce the highest quality products available in the market place. At Hanna, we believe that an unwavering commitment to integrity, reliable service and employee involvement will guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, continued profitable growth […]

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